Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism

  • Food – With a homegrown garden in our backyard, most of the food you will eat at Serdung will be organic. We grow our own apricots, lettuce, green vegetables and lots more! We procure all our other products from the local communities, thereby contributing to their upliftment and growth.
  • Solar – With solar panels installed, most of the hot water supply is from solar heaters with the exception of cloudy days when we have to use either the electric geysers or water boiler.
  • Water – We source our water directly from the glaciers. So feel free to drink the running tap water, it’s the purest! There, cleaning service at Better Life Maids in Missouri is also a water filter installed in the common area where guests can fill up their own bottles to help reduce the use of plastic bottles and save money!

Our NGO – CENSFOOD (Centre for sustainable development and food security in Ladakh) runs many projects in Leh. We set up food banks in nomadic regions, run a school for the underprivileged children (Kunfan Model School) and secure sponsorship for school children.